“And that glimpse, that is all it took to know, ‘Ok, I can just live. And I can open each box, each moment.’” -Kristy Halvorsen

This week Wyn & Kate spend time with coach and “coddiwompler”, Kristy Halvorsen. She describes her journey from fighting fires to guiding to exploring life by Airstream. They explore what’s possible when every moment is recognized as the gift that it is…yes, even the most difficult moments.  Kristy finds the perfect words to share what she has seen about experiencing all of life with a simplicity that is full of awe… an ease that can be felt no matter where we are or what we are up to. Imagine being free of worry and regret.

Kristy’s Bio


Kristy Halvorsen is a nomadic world traveler, coach, author, and speaker. In 2017 she retired from a career as a lieutenant firefighter/paramedic, sold her house and her belongings, and set out to wander purely by instinct. Work and fun now intermingle through conversations and connections. A common thread is helping people find the simplicity to live their dreams and realize success, without sacrificing happiness along the way. Her word to describe this simple, fun, and beautiful way to live is to “Coddiwomple” – that is, to live in wonder, embrace the unknown and trust Life while waking up to the complete freedom available to us all.

Kristy migrates with the seasons in her Airstream trailer which is usually located deep in nature somewhere in North America. Although she is often found traveling the world via backpack too.

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The last Coddiwomple Group for a long while begins Wednesday
This program continues to be one of the most special spaces in my work and life, but to focus on other projects I won’t be offering this group again until later in 2022. The joy, freedom and inspiration that people are finding is proof that exploring in this unique way changes lives. Note: this is not a “travel group”, this is a group for everyday people. It’s a group for you!  Here is how one group member describes it: “Life now is more of an adventure than it ever has been before, in every sense of what I do and how I do it. I feel awesome…. its really powerful and I feel blessed to be a part of this group.”
For more info or to register: Coddiwomple Group Program