Coddiwomple Group

Experience a Radically Simple Way of Exploring and Living

A Small Group Program: 14 Members Max

Wonder and Curiosity are Two of the Most Powerful Influences in Life

The person who pauses and reaches uncomfortably for new words is working at the edge of the known, toward the larger, unspoken understanding that lies beyond our memories and what we’ve been taught to be true. Something special happens here: We begin to notice barriers we didn’t know we had, we are invited to look past what we believe, we become explorers of everything, life opens effortlessly, flows beautifully, and better still we come alive.

This group allows and encourages us to be in a space of complete openness, totally free from anticipation. We inquire together with no expectation to ‘get something’ or find answers. Yet, it is guaranteed you will get something… and your experience of life will shift as we dabble in the unknown with curiosity and wonder.

Check out this short video to get a taste of the joy, freedom and depth of exploration we experience together. Claire shares from the heart about what she has realized: the biggest gift of all.

What is the Coddiwomple Group?

It’s exploring something seemingly familiar from the space of “not knowing”.

It’s hearing fresh points of view and delving into common topics in interesting new ways.

It’s exploring ideas that you may not have considered before and experiencing the sprouting of new ways of seeing life and being in life.

It’s an intimately small group: we all get the opportunity to share and ask questions freely. Imagine sitting on a huge blanket at a park and chatting with friends, that is the feel.

It’s exploration for the sake of exploring, with the knowing that magic will happen and many facets of life will become more and more clean and clear.

It’s a safe place to partner with explorers from around the world while getting curious about real life topics and the unknown and/or the out of sight.

My bet is that in the 3 months we are together, you’ll get to engage in some of the deepest and most open conversations you’ve had in years. The best part is: you get to interact and participate as much or as little as you please. The group is purposefully kept small so that we explore in an open conversation format, it’s informal, free flowing and there is no teaching. You get to bring the topics we talk about. There is no agenda, the discussion can go in any direction, and what is important to you will be explored. Often the conversations that are most impactful for you are topics brought up by your peers, which you have never considered before. This is the space to stretch your curiosity muscles, open up with wonder and see fresh, clean and new!

Through this journey I continue to notice new ways of experiencing everyday life that settles something deep inside and draws me into a profound openness… there is no longer something figure out, but in this everything is found.

What Might Be Next?

In the last few minutes of a Coddiwomple Group Session in 2021 we were chatting about what to explore next week. An idea popped up to explore: “What is Home?” Then Jason shared a touching story that stopped us all in our tracks and sent us giggling off in a new direction.


In this 90 second video taken from the final session of a group in 2020, Carina beautifully shares the changes she’s experienced in the Coddiwomple group:

“These past three months have been quite amazing. I came into this program having a lot of thinking around finances, money, my future, where I am going and that kind of just dropped… That for me is huge and wonderfully freeing.” -Carina

What Is In It For You?

Lindsay bubbles over with joy and love and shares what the Coddiwomple group has meant to him and Katie shares how playing with the reality of “What if you can’t get it wrong?” has lightened everything, especially a certain tough situation.


Verb | Cod-di-wom-ple|

  1. to travel purposefully toward unknown destinations
  2. to be open to limitless possibilities
  3. to unpredict your journey

What might be possible if you totally unscripted your life?

In 2017 I set off on an experiment to see what might happen if I lived fully in the moment by following my heart. I sold almost all my stuff and set out to explore the world living purely by instinct and curiosity. What happened surpassed my wildest dreams, but to my surprise, this simple, natural way of living has also impacted people all over the world. People have wondered if they can live this way without getting rid of everything they already love in their own lives. The answer is an emphatic YES. And even better: you can coddiwomple without leaving the comfort of your home.

In this radically different group program we will dive in together and explore the simplicity of Coddiwompling. No matter what you are up to or where you are in life, living by following the tickles of your soul ignites something very special in the world. You can live like this from right where you are now and in all part of life, including your career, business, relationships, love, and even finances… in everything.

The Spring Group is Full

 The group size is purposefully kept small and intimate, 14 members maximum

Sound interesting?

Here are some shares from past group members:

Here is what Antra shared after her first group session:

All week I’ve noticed me with less of me on my mind. That I am IN life and not thinking about myself. I’ve had a fairly long stint of ”me on my mind making my health ”precious” “ for several years and I have recently begun to notice that when I’m tuned into what IS- then I feel less pain, anxiety, and the need to fix. I’m willing to bet that this very thing has everything to do with healing. Just funny how there’s nothing to do. All week it’s like I just dove into life and then there was just less of me on my mind. Who knew?

Antra Boyd
Founder: Connected Care Patient Advocates- Portland, Oregon

Hi Kristy, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the journey. It has made everything strange, but in a really good way. I’m not sure if I’m trying to get my bearings and find some stability in all of this, or if I want to surrender completely and see what happens. I expect it will be the second. I took the adventure and I’m very curious to see what I will be creating from this place!”

Dries Jacobs
Health and Fitness Coach – Leuven, Belgium

Mohammad Muddassir Altaf
Co-Founder at The Little Giants
Chennai, India

This group has opened my eyes to a completely new way of being in the world. I’m now playing with ‘unpredicting my journey’ and seeing the unknown as an adventure rather than something scary that I need to plan and control! It’s a lovely way to live and I’ve only just dipped my toe in the water, so I’m excited to see where this takes me. Kristy’s coddiwompling stories, and the way she lives her life, are incredibly inspiring. I don’t think I could learn this from anyone better.

Katherine Bassford
Author/Illustrator and TRE Teacher- Chichester, UK

Let’s coddiwomple together! Three months of deeply exploring and experiencing letting Life flow.

What is Coddiwompling?

Coddiwompling is the simplest, most effective, and most fun way to live life.

How? The simplest way to start is to point yourself in the direction of your dreams, follow your heart, let instinct flow through, trust, love, and notice the world change around you. Coddiwompling is letting the limitations that we put on ourselves effortlessly fall away. Coddiwompling allows you to be unleashed and enjoy the freedom to truly live. When this happens, we come alive and the unimaginable happens. Coddiwompling is so natural anyone can do it. Even highly productive and successful business and organizations coddiwomple.

Te best part is: it is much simpler than you think! It will seem effortless and fun. Intrigued?

What are the calls like?

We meet once a week for 11 sessions over three months.

Our first session will be quite different from the rest: We will speak about the nuts and bolts of this group, Kristy will share a brief introduction to Coddiwompling, we will run through an exercise/experiment, then we will discuss what came up for you during the exercise. Think of this first session as a primer… our second session is when we will kick off our deeper exploring together.

 From session two and forward: We have open discussions/explorations on topics of your (the groups members) choosing. The discussions you’ll take part in are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. As best we can, we leave what we know at the door and delved int everyday topics from a space of wonder, complete openness and curiosity. We begin with having no idea where we will end up in our explorations. Chances are high that after three months of hanging out in this unique space, you’ll have fresh new perspectives  and be experiencing your life from a space of more simplicity and ease. 

Still unsure if you understand and how this works?

Watch the participant videos near the top of (and midway down) this page . Each participant video is a clip from live conversations in past coddiwomple groups. Also feel free to reach out to Kristy directly with questions.


Investment: $185 for Three Months of Exploring

Current Group is full! Hop on the Waitlist for  Summer 2024

What You’ll Get

Weekly Sessions:

Dates: Tuesdays- January 23, 2024 – March 19, 2024
Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK
Our final session is in April 2024: Live life, come back, share, and see more.

  • Ten 60-minute Sessions via Zoom
  • Lifetime access to session recordings
  • Supplement your exploring with exercises, bonus readings, audios and videos

Is the group date/time not a perfect fit for you?
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