A new relationship with Being

Explore from a lens of curiosity and wonder

Guide - Coach - Mentor

Hi, I’m Kristy and I am an explorer of Life. My passion is to point people back to who we are, how wonderfully we are made, and the simplicity available when we live in wonder and curiosity. “Coddiwompling” is a word I use to describe living from this space. Are you curious?

My Writing

Through writing I share personal stories of  adventure, explorations into our true nature… and everything in between.


Verb | Cod-di-wom-ple|

  1. to travel purposefully toward unknown destinations
  2. to be open to limitless possibilities
  3. to unpredict your journey

Coddiwompling: the act of one that Coddiwomples

The Essence of Coddiwompling

The person who pauses and reaches uncomfortably for fresh words is working at the edge of the known, toward the larger, unspoken understanding that lies beyond our memories and what we’ve been taught to be true. Something special happens here: We begin to notice barriers we didn’t realize we had, we are invited to look past what we believe, we become explorers of everything. Life opens effortlessly and flows beautifully. We come alive.

As We Coddiwomple We:

Thrive in the unknown

Surrender and PLAY

Live in the feeling of possibility

See beyond the limits of our imagination

Wake up to a deeper dimension of ourselves

Increase clarity and foster new found creativity

Experience confidence and security from a fresh perspective

Realize our resilience and stress, worry, fear, and regret melt away

Enjoy our journey: relationships, work, play, retirement, the ups the downs... ALL of it.

Guide – Coach – Mentor

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to label what I do “coaching”. Truth is: There isn’t a single word to describe what happens. We explore. We discuss everyday occurrences in a very unique way. We see fresh. Just as a tour guide can point out special things you would have never seen on your own: I listen, point, inquire and invite.

 What Do You Really Want?

Your life, work, and relationships will shift through seeing life through a new lens. This won’t happen by fixing or changing you. Instead, you will find yourself more aligned with what supports you most. Changes take place as you explore for yourself in between sessions. This will take shape for you in unique ways. You’ll experience a different way of playing at the game of life. You will realize that you are a pro at coddiwompling.

All Engagements Are Custom-Designed

We begin with a conversation and a session. This allows you to have an experience of exploring and working together, and allows both of us to get a feel for if we are a good fit. After this session, you’ll have a good feel for how you would like to proceed. Then, together we design a program that is a perfect fit for you.

For You

Find yourself.  Enjoy Life. Experience peace and well-being. Deepen connections. Roll with the punches. Trust. Drop all worry & regret. Thrive.

Be Your True Self

For Your Business/Work

Delight in work. Be resilient. Realize your unique insights. Flourish with simplicity and focus. Do more with ease. Be fearless. Embrace success.

Love What You Do

For Leaders

Innovate. Find clarity. Get out of your head and into flow. Wake people up. Vanish issues. Foster relationships. Do less & boost performance. Relax.

Be an Unscripted Leader

For Helpers

Deepen your understanding. Point from grace. Expand impact. Thrive Organically. Hear beyond what is said. Grow agenda-free. Prosper.

Uncover the Brilliance of Humanity

Are You Curious?


​I am a very ordinary person with a thirst for living in a way that seems unique to many … and I have a desire to help people realize that wonder and curiosity are two of the most powerful influences in life.

I’ve got oodles of degrees, certificates, qualifications and life experiences. BUT the thing that pulled the rug out from under my feet and flipped who I thought I was and how I thought life worked on its head was realizing the freedom of being.

This same freedom is available to us all, and we don’t have to sell everything we own or move home or job to find it. It’s right here, it’s just that we’ve forgotten.

I forgot too, and got sucked into living how I’d been taught I had to. I was nudged to wake up. In 2017 I sent myself on a real life walkabout, where my entire experience of life and way of being shifted. Check out the rest of my story:


“I started working with Kristy during a crossroads in my career and personal life. Working with Kristy helped me clarify what is important in personal life, career, and relationships. Before I was stressed and anxious about the future. Now I am excited to say I LIVE in the PRESENT. I LIVE for today!”

Business Operations Analyst, Corporate Insurance Firm

“More than anyone I’ve ever met, you live in a world filled with the magic of new beginnings.

Thank you for everything you do.”

Best Selling Author

“There have been so many wonderful changes in my life since we connected through our sessions… I learned some valuable lessons about enjoying the journey – words I am still learning the meaning of.”

VP of Innovation, BioTech Company

“I realized that I had more knowledge than I thought, while letting go of the need to know “everything” in order to be able to serve… And it was just plain fun to work with you!”

Marriage and Family Therapist (35+ years) and Entrepreneur

 Group Programs

Coddiwomple Now Group Program

Get curious about real life topics and notice your world shift. This is an intimate small group where we experience a  radically different way of exploring and living that changes everything.

Custom Programs for Your Team

Whether it’s relationships, productivity, challenging the status quo, problem solving or anything else: Let’s design a program to get the best out of your team.


1- Sunrise Paddle (2021) Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, USA

2- Lighthouse (2020) Southern Maine, USA

3- Fall Folliage From a Kayak (2020) Central Maine, USA