Education and Training

Coach/Mentor Training, Education and Experience:

My initial coach training and certification was at Erickson College (now called Erickson International) and I officially began my coaching practice in 2015. I am credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and I am in process to certify at the ICF’s highest level, a Master Certified Coach. In 2018 I apprenticed for a year with world renowned coach, Michael Neill, and graduated from a transformative coaching certification program: Supercoach Academy. In 2019 I attended Supercoach Academy again for advanced studies. In addition to my private practice I was on staff at Genius Catalyst, Inc. for two years beginning in early 2019. I designed and created the Supercoach Café (a self paced continuing education platform for coaches) and developed all of the courses and content for the Café as well. I was also the training coordinator for Supercoach Academy 2020 where I was intimately involved in the planning, implementation, education and certification of new coaches.


Notable Degrees and Certifications:

International Coaching Federation- Professional Certified Coach

Certified Advanced Transformative Coach

Graduate of the Emergency Services Leadership Institute

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Business

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Associate of Science in Emergency Medicine

Certified Paramedic

Certified Fire Service Instructor