The Secret of Yourevolution
Yourevolution- You have done it countless times. Each time is different, but also the same. Fully engaging in the process is vital to creating an amazing future.  How will you make the most of your next opportunity?

The idea of the word, Yourevolution, first appeared in my thoughts some time in 2014 and has been evolving ever since.  This concept has been relentlessly pulling me forward and hopefully it will spark a similar response within you!

Each of us has a myriad of life experiences which molded us into who we are today.  There is a cycle which we are a part of and which we take part in. How you respond to life’s joys and obstacles combined with why you take action has everything do to with the flow of the cycle and the outcomes you experience. What does this mean for you? I’ll explain…

Your View

Yourevolution- How would you pronounce that? Did you say it out loud? If not, I invite you to say “Yourevolution.”  How did it sound?

There are actually 3 ways to pronounce it… and you get to choose!

You Revolution

Your Evolution

You’re Volution

These three expressions relate to three stages in the adventure of life.  You have been the key player in the process numerous times.  You have also helped others through their journey. Still wondering?

Let’s explore- The secret of the triumvirate is revealed below

The Nitty Gritty

Revolution is such a stirring word with varied definitions.  The meaning to focus on here is:

Revolution– A dramatic and wide reaching change in the way something works, is organized, or in people’s ideas about it. (For example- transforming your life, career, and purpose).

Evolution– The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form (For example- personal growth).

Volution… are you thinking “What the heck is volution?” Yes, I wondered the same thing at first!  If you know what it means, well you are either pure genius or peruse dictionaries in your spare time.

Volutionrolling or revolving motion.

So the triumvirate now reads:

You Revolution You decide to transform or make a change

Your Evolution– You are deliberately progressing forward and experiencing personal growth

You’re Volution– You are rolling! You are not only excelling, but surpassing your goals and dreams!

The three stages embody the continuous process we all have the ability to experience throughout our lives. The cherry on top is: there is no limit to the number of times you are able to go through and reap the benefits of transforming, growing, and surpassing your goals and dreams.  In fact, you have done it many times already.

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A Look Back

Take a moment and think about the stages in your life and changes you have experienced along the way. Yes, you have done it! You have achieved mastery over and over again. The “simple” task of walking was not always so simple- There was a day looooong ago that “baby you” decided it was time to take a chance, make a change and get up off your knees. You may have fallen hundreds of times, but you progressed and eventually took your first few wobbly steps. Then you walked steadily and soon were scaring the heck out of your loved ones while running through the house in nothing but your diapers. When walking became easy, what was your next challenge? Over and over again throughout your life you have risen to the occasion and excelled.  The best kept secret is: You have the opportunity to transform, grow and surpass your goals and dreams many many more times!  This process doesn’t stop.  The opportunity to advance is limitless.

Your Opportunities!

It is up to you to keep the ball rolling. Those three water drops in the Yourevolution logo represent each of the three phases. You have the power to decide when it is time to transform, take action to grow, and then experience the joy of having that momentum and rolling.  Sometime later you will feel the urge to go through the process again. Each time you will raise the bar a bit more while using your knowledge and life experiences to excel even higher.

What is the next big phase in your adventure called “life”? Is it your career? Your personal life? Your happiness? Your purpose?

Just as learning to walk is instinctual, so is thriving in life.  Just as someone encouraged you, guided you, and had your best interest in mind as you were first learning to walk, a coach will do the same for you now in your journey to be wildly successful and happy.  Now is the time to realize your desires, meaning recognizing AND achieving your dreams and goals.

A massive Yourevolution- The Secretamount of wisdom lies within this old Chinese proverb- “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”

When and where are you going to plant your tree? What are the fruits of your tree? How will you harvest your dreams? What skills do you already have? Why is your dream important? What sort of person would you be once your dream is a reality? Who else will benefit from you achieving your dreams?

Live your amazing adventure!

Plant. Your. Tree.

Now is the time for Yourevolution.

Until the next revolution…

By Kristy Halvorsen


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