I write this sitting in my Airstream trailer with the slow pitter patter of rain drops on the aluminum roof. The sound reminds me of a steal drum, but played at 1/20th speed: random notes dropped perfectly from the heavens. My bedroom window is less than 20 feet from a rushing stream with bulging shores full of millions of notes creating a constant chorus. The cool mountain stream rushes by my window and into a pristine lake that is just a few minutes’ walk away.

Lake Burton, Georgia: Where the creek empties

This home by the stream is just one brief stop on the pathless journey. I have no idea where I will be next week, but it will also be home.  Living in a house on wheels is a perfect metaphor for life. Although, there is a sweetness in knowing that as “home” as my trailer feels, this aluminum tube isn’t Home either. We are all Home all the time everywhere.

Many try to learn, buy, seek or pray their way home…so innocently. There’s always a fancier car, bigger house, better job, prettier partner, holier space, simpler mindset and on and on. We often forget that Home is in the simplicity that we already are.

The Simplicity

A few weeks ago my brother noticed a nest in a large bush near his front door. Within days the nest had three vibrant blue eggs with brown speckles. Soon the eggs were gone and left behind were three fuzzy little bodies tucked under themselves in total peace. While looking down at them I made a soft cheeping sound. Three gaping mouths unfolded from the lumps of fuzz and stretched towards the sky.

Within seconds after seeing those little fuzzy bodies with mouths stretched open, a feeling of freedom rushed over me. In the nest I saw myself and I saw all of us. In that nest was the simplicity of life. As I gazed down at those three little birds, I thought: “Isn’t their life simple: Just eat and sleep.”  Then I thought of their mom (who was surely out collecting worms or bugs or whatever else she could drop into those three gaping mouths) “Isn’t her life simple: She just has to fly around, find some food and bring it back to her babies.”

In that moment I could feel my face flush as I realized Life itself is peering down at me and seeing the same: “Isn’t her life simple: She just has to…. (Live).” If our lives could be seen from the great beyond, wouldn’t each life appear just as simple?

The Journey

We are all on a pathless journey, even when it seems we have places to be and lots of things to do. Somehow animals and nature get this easier than we do. We are nature and we are just the same. We are all little birds, we are Life itself.

The journey is so much simpler than we think. What if you could simply live: Live your same life in the same nest with the same everything, but have an entirely different experience? What if you could explore with all that you are, be with all that Is and experience all that is left when everything else falls away?

It’s there. The simplicity is there waiting for us. While writing this sentence, I was reminded of Rumi’s field: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

Imagine living simpler and simpler all the while the world becomes more full. There is no path to this place, there is only a walk and it’s a walk that you must experience. No amount of reading or study or listening to people talk will do… it’s simpler than that. There is no “how to” guide. The journey is Life, and through fully living and leaving behind all we know, we see more.

Our lives really are just as simple as the little birds. It’s just that they know it, and we don’t… yet.

The forest in Clarkesville, Georgia on a hike to Hemlock Falls

Here I sit in my aluminum home with the steel drum slowing and softening. The gentle roar of the stream seeps through the closed window and into my ears. The majestic trees, with their delicate spring leaves glistening and clean, tempt me out to walk in the rain. What I wish for all of us is to explore: to walk out into Life (whether it be in the rain or the bright sunshine) and live with the freedom that you already are. What if we released all judgements on ourselves and others? What if we slowed down to see the beautiful simplicity and walked on the pathless journey, exploring with no destination in mind?

The simplicity is in living, purely living without all the made up stuff.

Lets walk…



Want to explore together?

Of course you can explore on your own, though I’ve found we see so much more exploring together… and it’s fun!

One on One Coaching is a space of deep personal exploration. I cannot begin to express the impact that this journey of discovery has had in my life. To say it has changed everything would be an understatement. The same is available for you. Curious? Let’s have a short conversation- you’ll know and if it feels right, we’ll begin.

Three Month Group Program

After dramatic shifts in my life I began offering a three month small group program. I try my best to steer clear from teaching anything in the program. Instead the group is a space of open exploration: We see more together. I may point, inquire, and get curious, but what you see is in you. More importantly, what you see is yours forever… no note taking or studying needed 🙂

One of the best compliments came from the final session of the last group: Someone mentioned that they had never been a part of a group program like this, where people saw so much about life and at the same time it seemed like there was no facilitator. What a compliment!

We explore the simplicity of Life in complete freedom. No matter what you are up to or where you are, living in the moment fully engaged without ties to a destination brings about something very special: Life happens effortlessly, flows beautifully, and better still, we come alive. You can live like this from right where you are now and in every part of life.

Curious? Join in: We meet once a week and life shifts for all of us in different ways. What we discuss crosses all boundaries. What we explore changes everything. Learn more and hear what past participants have shared about what has changed since joining the group: Here

Still curious about what we talk about? Here is a 20 minute audio recording from one session where we explored Rumi’s poem that was quoted in the blog above: Rumi Poem Exploration

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