“I would rather have trustworthy and satisfying answers to these questions than all the gold in the Indies. To know—not to believe, not to hope, not to have faith, but to know that the universe is friendly, that our feet are set on and intelligent pilgrimage, and that there is Love at the heart of all things.”
– Raynor Johnson

I read this quote exactly a month ago today and it hit me more intensely than any quote I’ve ever read or heard.

In the last nine months I have been dumbstruck. Inside is a knowing deeper than I could ever imagine knowing, yet I have been unable to verbally share. Though I’ve tried, words have fallen short. This knowing has brought a calm, openness, and simplicity to life that is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Metaphors and stories provide a taste, but still haven’t come close to expressing the inexpressible.

So far, this description is as close as it gets: The universe is friendly, our feet are set on an intelligent pilgrimage and there is Love at the heart of all things. Read that again and consider what life would be like if you knew in the depths of your soul that even one of these statements was true.

What If the Universe Is Absolutely Friendly?

What if we knew that the universe had our back and everything was perfectly orchestrated? … Even events we feel are very unfortunate, like death, sickness, wild fires, pollution: Everything. What if this is as much a part of the beautiful symphony of Life as love, peace and joy? Imagine fully experiencing all emotions and still knowing that Life is taking care of us and this is all a part of what Is.

My friend and colleague Brianne Grebil beautifully shared her experience with this:

“Give me my grief. Give me my anger. Don’t you dare try to take them from me. Don’t ask me to contain them, explain them away, give them meaning, or tell me anything about them. They must be experienced. I need to feel them wrung hard from my soul so I can be shook out and hung on the line to dry clean.”

-Excerpted from Give Me My Grief

Imagine being fully alive and free to live, feel, love and advocate. And at the same time be completely unsure of how things will turn out and yet know deeply it will be “perfect” (even if we have no idea what perfect actually is).
What is the universe is friendly?

Might We Really Be On An Intelligent Pilgrimage?

Merriam Webster defines pilgrimage as: the course of life on earth

What if on our pilgrimage there really is an intelligence grander than we can ever imagine? To me it seems the infinite symphony of Life is constantly unfolding perfectly. It always has and always will. We cannot get Life wrong; ‘Mistakes’ are just misunderstandings; and every part of our experience is the intelligent pilgrimage.

It seems the more we can relax into this knowing with a peace and a sense of childlike adventure, the more astoundingly grand the journey becomes. Just writing this, emotions are flowing. There is something so very special in this knowing. We all are blessed with innumerable gifts in disguise.

A few weeks ago I was asked to oversee a large project, one that involves many people and quite an investment. I accepted the role knowing full well that I did not know how to do it, but at the same time trusting it could be done, and done very well. This project could be seen as demanding and stressful, but has felt fun and exciting since the beginning. There are many pieces of the puzzle that I have no clue about. Even though I’m just a few weeks in, the experience has already been mind-blowingly amazing.

Miraculous things have happened. For instance, there were items (that I initially didn’t realize we needed) that happened to come up in conversation on a specific day. I went online after the casual conversation and found that the order must be finalized immediately in order for the items to arrive in time. If that casual conversation were to have occurred a day later, it might have been too late. It happened as if orchestrated by design.

This one is even better: My Mom and I were chatting just last night. She reminded me that I was her healthcare surrogate and that she had given me all of her important information and last wishes a while back. Unsure of where I kept it, I went on the hunt. I found her final wishes and instructions as well as my Dad’s will. As I was flipping through the pages, a folded and wrinkled paper fell out and landed at my feet. I opened it up and it was a document I needed for the large project.

The project and the document had nothing to do with my mother’s final wishes and will. It should not have been in there. I hadn’t touched the folder with the will for well over a year. If my mother hadn’t mentioned it, I likely would not have looked at it until her final days. The folded paper was a document I had forgotten about and needed for the project. If it hadn’t landed at my feet, I may not have realized it was missing until the day it was needed. What are the chances of all that happening? This project and the ease at which things are effortlessly appearing and literally falling in to place has been a lovely reminder of the journey and the infinite intelligence behind everything.

If you knew, like really knew, we were on an intelligent pilgrimage, how might things change? I giggle as I realize this is actually the simplest definition of Coddiwompling.

To coddiwomple is to be on an intelligent pilgrimage. We are all coddiwomplers, we can’t help it… it is the essence of us.

Just last week I shared with a friend and mentor that in almost 40 years, I don’t think I’ve shed a tear because of loveliness. In the last 9 months, those tears have flowed regularly. It’s so simple and so gorgeous. We are not in control and we are free. We do not know where we are headed, but it is perfect and safe and exactly what is.
What if we all are on an intelligent pilgrimage together?

What If at the Heart of All Things is Love?

Could this really be so… at the heart of everything is love? Yes. Everything.

How? The answer to this is a question: Who are you? Deep down, beyond your name and your body and all the things you think you are… beyond all of that. Look and wonder… Who am I?

This is the question of all questions and it seems that the more clear the answer becomes, the simpler more beautiful and lovely everything Is. In this lies ultimate peace. This is a big one. Even if we just see glimmers an occasional glimpses of the answer to this one question… It will change the world.

What if at the heart of all things is Love?

“I would rather have trustworthy and satisfying answers to these questions than all the gold in the Indies. To know—not to believe, not to hope, not to have faith, but to know that the universe is friendly, that our feet are set on and intelligent pilgrimage, and that there is Love at the heart of all things.”

Thank you Raynar





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