The famous quote by Rumi points us to a space inside, free of the contamination of our beliefs and ideas.

Most of us long to live with more joy, curiosity and wonder. When we don’t know any better, this longing can take us towards someone or something outside of ourselves.

Living Beyond is embracing all of life and knowing where to look when we feel lost. When we realize that we can live beyond what we think is possible, we start living with greater freedom.

This 8-week program is an invitation to go deeper into the understanding of who we are beyond the drama of experience. The insight into our true nature reveals the joy of being fully alive. Each week we will have 90 minutes of conversation, listening and reflecting together. Kristy and Natasha will guide you on a journey of exploration and
discovery, to where true freedom lies. You will be encouraged to notice the difference between belief and knowing, then experience for yourself what remains when limiting beliefs that you may have been carrying for many years dissolve.

Let’s live Beyond
• The ideas we have about who we are
• How we’ve been taught to live
• What we believe about how to think and work
• Materialism and scarcity
• Memories and preferences
• The story that I think is me
• The judge in my head
• Suffering and shame
• Limits of my imagination
• My body and the beliefs I have about my body
• The ideas we have about beautiful and ugly
• Beliefs about good and bad, and right and wrong
• All judgements

Due to the narrowness of our vision, reality appears to have limits. We react to those limits as if they are real. From this narrow space we create limitations for ourselves, and we then think of ourselves as limited. We do this, but there is hope.

Curious? Here Is A Four Minute Intro:

We no longer have to suffer because of the injustices of our past or the potential hardships of our future. When we see beyond the illusion that suffering is necessary, the choice is obvious. We are here to play and have fun.

What we explore in these eight weeks together will open endless potential spaces of play and discovery.

It is here, in this freedom that peace, love and creativity flourish. It’s so close we can taste it. Let’s shed the rancid
rules that have been holding us captive. Let’s stretch into the new and unfamiliar. Let’s taste the entire buffet with
no idea what we will enjoy. Let’s live beyond.

Your Guides On This Journey

Kristy Halvorsen is a nomadic world traveler, coach, author and speaker. In 2017 she sold her house and belongings, retired from a career as a lieutenant firefighter/paramedic, and set out to wander purely by instinct. Life, work and fun now all intermingle. A common thread is reminding people of the simplicity that is Life and helping people realize complete freedom and success without sacrificing happiness along the way. Her word to describe this simple, fun, and beautiful way to live is to “Coddiwomple” – that is, to live in wonder, embrace the unknown and trust Life while waking up to who we are.

Natasha Swerdloff is the Founder and CEO of The Principles Institute. She shares her understanding of the spiritual richness of life, and The Three Principles, at seminars, conferences and in individual conversations with people all over the world. Natasha is the co-author (with Dicken Bettinger) of the book: “Coming Home”. She lives a life Beyond what she has ever dreamt of with her husband John in the house he built for them in Denmark. Natasha loves sharing her understanding of our spiritual nature with people and is especially interested in community building as part of serving on the board of the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC).


What You’ll Get

Eight 90 Minutes Sessions

Cost: $250

Dates: April 26th through June 14th

Time: Tuesdays at 10:30am Pacific / 1:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm UK / 7:30pm CET

Registration is still open

  • Eight 90-minute Group Sessions via Zoom
  • Lifetime access to session recordings
  • Private Facebook group for more discussion and interaction
  • Supplement your exploring with exercises and bonus readings, audios and videos to gain insight
  • And More…

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