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My Life in a Nutshell

My Life in a Nutshell

“You wanna go swimming?” my friend Jill said. We were dressed in layers with jackets and pants rolled up to our shins. Our bare feet were crusted in sand. Jagged pewter cliffs towered to my right and the Atlantic churned to my left. It was 2pm and, for as far as I could see, beige sand was peppered with small dark figures: people bundled head to toe on afternoon strolls.

“Aww, I didn’t bring a suit,” I said.
Jill’s lips stretched up in a smile. Waves crashed and white foam rolled up the sand behind her, almost kissing her heels. Wind blew wispy gray hair across her face.

She cocked her head and looked up at me as if I was a tall innocent kid. “Nudeness is sort of accepted here,” she said. “And no pressure if you are uncomfortable.”

Reasons not to undress flew through my mind like stock exchange ticker tapes.
It’s too cold.
There are people.
It’s daylight, skinny dipping is for the dead of night.
We don’t have towels.
We’d be naked on a public beach.
It’s way too cold.
I haven’t shaved down there in a month.
I will get sand in my clothes.
Jill’s boyfriend will see my tits.
Nudeness is fine, but not with people around.
It’s cold.
It’s cold.
It’s freezing cold

Jill held my eyes with that sweet, no strings invitation. She and the sea waited for my answer.

“Ok,” I said, soft and unsure. I unzipped my jacket and she unzipped hers.

Our hands moved faster and faster as we took off each layer, leaving a lumpy pile of clothes on the sand.

Frigid wind, wet sand, tits and pubic hair. I didn’t mean to look, but was surprised that Jill’s was jet black when her hair was silver. She turned toward the sea. Her ass cheeks jiggled and seawater splashed as she scampered into the surf. And there I went too. My feet slapped water and frosty needles stung from my shins up to my chest.

The icy sea grabbed the soft skin of my belly; it stole my breath. A wave rolled in, my body went rigid and I rocketed up on my tiptoes to get more of me out of the bitter cold. I knew there would be relief once my head went under.

I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth, and dove in.


An invitation: Read the story again, but this time read it as an invitation to dance a different dance, to allow life’s invitations, to allow emotions and the busyness in your head to roll on through, then allow the tickles of your soul to nudge you in unexpected ways.

**Some may assume that I am suggesting you say “yes” to everything. That is not the case. Say “no thanks” when your soul is tickled to say no. And consider saying “Ok” when, beneath all the noise, curiosity wants to play. The invitation is to let go of our beliefs and ideas of what is acceptable, appropriate, what we should do, or how we should feel.

If we let all that go, what’s left?

Read the story again, read it about yourself, and be curious about what may come up as you go on living. That’s all 🙂

Would you like a partner to dive in with? Imagine living without fear and shaking off pesky habits. Through one on one explorations you’ll find a new sense of freedom, stress fades away, and all sorts of possibilities take center stage. If you are curious, send me an email and let’s have a conversation.


Kristy Halvorsen

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