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Most people consistently make decisions based on intellect. The majority of people also don’t get close to living up to their potential. Do you worry about not reaching your full potential? Maybe you are concerned about your loved ones or your team not reaching their potential? The best way to get more out of your own potential is to run towards it, instead of away from it; to embrace it, instead of ignoring it. The simplest way to do this is to follow your heart, trust your gut, and listen to your intuition.

This article is a special edition “Part 2” on how to be exceptionally happy and successful by trusting your gut and following your intuition. We will build on the ideas we explored in Part 1. If you haven’t explored Part 1, “What to do When You don’t Know What to Do”, check it out here.


After reading Part 1, many reached out to share their experiences and inquire about the idea of tuning into our own inner GPS for turn by turn instructions. One reader had concerns over feeling “boxed in” by the notion of following his own inner GPS all the time:

“Although totally relying on GPS for every turn may sound right, to me it takes away from the freedom to explore… Basically what I’m saying is that exploring alternate routes has almost always resulted in new discoveries and a feeling of ‘glad I did this. I guess I don’t like being boxed into choices [by following my internal GPS all the time].”

This may be a common concern, but fear not: your freedom to explore is built into your inner GPS! Consider this- “Hilda” (Hilda is the name we gave the voice of our GPS) is not an outside force.  She is actually your inner wisdom guiding you. So when you get the urge to explore, that is actually part of the turn by turn instructions. By choosing to explore (when it feels right), you are listening your intuition.

The real life GPS in your car is a metaphor and it exists in the outside world. That gps will not always take you where you want to go, but your internal GPS always does. It will never box you in and has limitless possibilities: we take a step and see what comes up, then we take another step and see what comes up…. and on and on the rest of our days. It’s the most amazing adventure and the epitome of exploration.

What is coming up for you?

Part II- the Chicken Pot Pie Approach


Another question that routinely comes up around following our heart is in reference to what many identify as the “first big choice” in making a decision: choosing between 1) going with your gut or 2) taking in all the data and then deciding analytically. This is where the idea of the chicken pot pie approach (CPPA) was born. The CPPA is my on the fly a metaphor that popped up in a group discussion and offered a third option: 3) let everything mingle like ingredients in a chicken pot pie.

Many people think very analytically and live by the data. The CPPA offers this: take in the data, but don’t make it the focus. Instead realize the data is there and it’s great to have, but let it be one of many ingredients. Let the peas and carrots of data mingle together with all the other spices and cream of life. Allow it to bake together and set. Once you pop the chicken pot pie in the oven, there is nothing left to do but relax and anticipate the mouthwatering meal that will soon be on your plate.

With the Chicken Pot Pie Approach, there is no thinking to be done–things get muddy when we think. Let your heart and intuition guide the way. You know and understand the data and the facts. Sit with it, and then notice what your gut is pulling you towards. That is intuition. Your inner wisdom doesn’t pick and choose the pieces and parts that must be used in coming to a decision: Everything is considered, data included.  The important part to remember is to let your heart have the final say- it knows the way.

You don’t know when you don’t know

No matter how in tune we are with our inner GPS, there are times when the next step is unclear. Sometimes you don’t know. That’s human nature.  Here’s one truth: When you don’t know, you don’t know. A second truth is: When you know, you know.

For a few years I have been wrestling around with leaving a career I’ve enjoyed for 14 years. I’ve known I wanted to take a different path, but I didn’t know how or when. I had tons of doubt: I didn’t know and nothing seemed to help make the decision. Then suddenly the answer hit me like a ton of bricks: I knew! There was no doubting. Now it feels like there is a giant vacuum cleaner sucking me out the door of that career and there is nothing I can do to stop it. It’s exhilarating! I know! You will to, because When you know, you know. Plain and simple

Just Choose vs. Decide

There are times when making a decision doesn’t seem simple. No matter what, the clear answer doesn’t bubble up. In those times just choosing is where the freedom lies. It is in these times that choosing a course and going with it is paramount. Our inner GPS will be there to guide us after the choice is made.

Once you have made a choice, you just take the next step, and the next. Your inner GPS will guide you and adapt. If it wasn’t the right choice, no biggie- “Hilda” will recalculate and guide you in the right direction.

I look forward to having many more discussions around intuition, following your heart and trusting your gut. What are your thoughts? Please comment below, send an email or give me a call. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

TRUST YOUR GUT, follow your heart, listen to your inner wisdom… Develop your intuition!

Take that next step towards happiness and fulfilling your potential… and the next… and the next… and…

Happy exploring!


Until the next revolution…


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