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Dear Nature

Dear Nature

Each morning I venture out from my home on wheels, through a pre-dawn preserve, onto a boardwalk over sprawling dunes, and down onto a sugar sand shore. Each morning is unique, This is the inspiration for this poem.


Dear Nature

Gentle, resilient, elegant, and mighty.
Nature Is, without apology.
She does not cry, nor cry out.
Pure and simple, she lives.

I snarl through gritted teeth about snobs who litter her shores.
“They do this without knowing, Love,”
She whispers with her wind.
“Don’t worry. I am resilient, dear one.”

“We will all be ok. There is no end,”
She says with brilliant pastels to welcome each day.
“I’ll be here long after humans have journeyed on,”
She says with the pitter patter of rain on starless nights.

“I remember,” I say with my meander
of footprints on her sugar sand shores.
She acknowledges my flash in the pan
by washing away my steps with her tides.

I witness her sun and clouds, and damp salt air.
I acknowledge her breeze that’s traveled
‘round the world to be here now and tussle my hair.
Her rough seas whisper truth.

The lure of adventure turns to tingles that ripple through my skin.
I know in this everything will change.
Her sunrise brings a realization:
Like nature, I am.

She and I, we are one in the same.
I smile with titillating appreciation.
I know no fear.

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Header Photo Above : Footprints in the Sunbeam – Topsail Preserve State Park, Florida – January 6, 2024

All photos below captured at Topsail Preserve State Park

January 1st Mom and Me Walking- Photo Credit Anna Brandon 

January 1st: Pre-Dawn Sand Piper

January 2nd

January 3rd: Same beautiful spot… Exactly a year apart!

January 4th

January 4th Time-Lapse:

One hour of real time = One minute and 27 seconds

January 5

Dear Nature

January 6

January 6th- Breakfast in Blue

January 6th- Jellyfish in the Surf

January 6th- First Glimpse of Her Majesty

January 6- Deer Tracks

A few photos that popped up on social media. Modern day paparazzi 🙂

January 3rd-  Kristy on the Shore- Photo Credit Edward Wilson

January 2nd- Kristy Taking it All In – Photo Credit Unknown

January 2nd- Kristy taking a Photo – Photo Credit Unknown

Kristy Halvorsen

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